Colón beat Central Córdoba and remains undefeated

Colón de Santa Fe took advantage of a rude refereeing error to end up beating the local Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero 2-0, in a match corresponding to the third date, zone B, of the Professional League Cup.

The team from Santa Fe, led by Julio César Falcioni, achieved its second consecutive success in the contest, although it benefited from a mistake that occurred midway through the second period.

The referee Andrés Merlos omitted to sanction a goal kick in favor of the local cast, when the entered Ramón Abila, in the first ball he touched, advanced the ball and it crossed the lime line.

However, the assistant Marcelo Bistocco did not observe the irregularity, the former Boca striker sent the center and Luis Rodríguez from Tucuman defined with power to open the account.

With the entire team from Santiago immersed in a climate of nerves due to what they considered an injustice, Colón increased the numbers with a new victory by Facundo Garcés.

The first half was even, with alternating domain. The truth is that both teams handled the ball judiciously up to three quarters of the field. But it was difficult for both of them to be deep in the final meters and they depended – almost exclusively – on shots from outside the area.

With Abila from Cordoba already on the court, the controversy of the day arose at the Madre de Ciudades in Santiago del Estero. The former Huracán escaped Pereyra’s mark, but could not control before the ball crossed the baseline. The later cross allowed Rodríguez to convert. The judges omitted the action and validated the conquest.

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The subsequent goal by Garcés put a huge distance on the scoreboard, when the Rondina team had made merits to at least prove an equality.

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