Colombia: the general at the head of search operations will soon be godfather to one of the children who survived the jungle

A very happy ending. The Colombian general who led the search operations for the four children rescued safe and sound on Friday, June 9, after 40 days of wandering in the Amazon jungle in southeastern Colombia, will become godfather to the youngest of the siblings.

In the medical plane that brought the children back to Bogota, “Don Manuel, the father of the children, said to me: ‘general, I want you to be the godfather of my daughter, the little one'”General Pedro Sanchez told a local television channel. “For me, it’s an honor”the officer commented to the camera, visibly moved, his right hand on his heart.

“I always wanted to adopt another child”

“We only have a nine-year-old son. I’ve always wanted to adopt another child. This morning when I got home I told my wife it was a reality, we’re going have a daughter, call her that, even if she has another last name”said General Pedro Sanchez.

Little Cristin, who turned one during the journey of the four brothers and sisters in the jungle, arouses particular empathy from the public, with her large black eyes on her thin face. “It’s what you feel in the heart, in the blood and in the depths of the soul”, launched General Sanchez. Another general, commander of the special forces, will be the godfather of Tien Noriel, the 5-year-old boy of the siblings, according to the same Colombian media.

Lesly (13), Soleiny (9), Tien Noriel (5) and Cristin (1) were found alive on Friday afternoon by rescuers as they wandered alone in the jungle since the May 1 crash of the little Cessna 206 plane on which they were traveling with their mother, the pilot and a relative. All three adults died in the crash.

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