Colombia plans to evaluate the regional anti-drug policy

Colombian President Gustavo Petro proposed Monday at a regional meeting to convene a conference with countries from Central America, South America and the Caribbean affected by drug trafficking to evaluate drug policy and analyze its effectiveness or failure.

On his first trip abroad during his mandate, Petro —whose country is the world’s leading cocaine producer— made the suggestion in front of his colleagues from Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, members of the Andean Community of Nations.

“It is not a paradox that, if one puts the most violent cities in the world on a map of America, they trace the route of the export of illegal cocaine,” he said.

Petro, who has promised a different approach to the drug problem, said that drug trafficking kills more and more, each time completely breaks the human rights structure of each society, destabilizes institutions, eats away at democracy and leads to violence. The leftist president outlined that half a century of “something called” the war on drugs has left a balance of one million Latin American deaths -especially Colombians and Mexicans-, where there are more and more South Americans, but also more and more millions of prisoners, he added.

Peru and Bolivia are the second and third global producers of cocaine, while Ecuador is the third country that has seized the most drugs with 6.6% of the 1,500 tons of cocaine seized in 2020.

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