Colombia: four children found alive in the jungle, after 40 days of research

They are alive, all four: Lesly, the eldest of 13 years who ensured the survival of her brothers and sisters, then Soleiny, Tien, and Cristin, who celebrated her one year in the jungle. After 40 days of hope and discouragement, the miracle happened in Colombia. While the children were evacuated, fed and rehydrated, their grandmother, Fatima Valencia, received the good news. “I am so happy. I will hug them all four“, she commented.

Members of an indigenous ethnicity

The search began 40 days ago, after the crash of a transport plane. The bodies of the pilot, another adult and the mother were found near the wreckage, but not those of the children. After finding baby bottles, chewed forest fruits and children’s footprints, rescuers were confident the cubs had survived. Members of an indigenous ethnic group, they were used to the forest.

They were found with the help of native trackers. “They were alone. They performed a great example of survival. It will become historic“, said Colombian President Gustavo Petro. The children are now being treated in a military hospital.

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