Cleveland Cavaliers he is recovering troops from the tide of casualties with which he has had to live in recent games. The team was playing really well and even with losses they have shown a good profile, although it is expected that it will not maintain the level as the weeks go by. Love, Markkanen, Allen, Garland, Stevens, Osman or the sensation Evan Mobley, who still has left, have passed through the infirmary at some point or another in this only month of competition that has been disputed, but it is another player who it can change the landscape for the future. It is Collin sexton, one of the team’s bases with the greatest projection. A tear in the meniscus of the left knee de Sexton will keep the player, after undergoing surgery, off the courts for the remainder of the season.

In this mishap there is a player to whom this, despite being unequivocally bad news, benefits. Ricky Rubio had as a substitute with Garland and Sexton ahead and, when all but Collin are healthy, he will have more presence than was assumed without his injury. Bad fortune has taken a toll on a young squad that only wants to improve, but under the direction of the Spaniard it is maintaining progress in much the same way. For all this, Rubio’s position in the Cavaliers will also change.

The avid reader will have read that Ricky is in the last year of his contract. It is transfer meat. A classic move In the NBA, it is trying to get something for the players in the last year of their contract if their continuity is not clear. It was the case with Rubio. After a bad year in Minnesota and how well he does with the National Team had no translation, There has been a turn of the wheel and now he is dominating, even having teammates looking for him to shoot those triples that in the past were so choking him. Has an affinity with Garland and Mobley, the two pillars on which you want to build. His exit is no longer so clear. But the taste that JB Bickerstaff has taken in adds the fact that Sexton is also in the last year of his contract and, despite being only 22 years old, his position was not guaranteed either. neither before nor, much less, after the serious injury.

From the generation of Luka Doncic and Trae Young there are several players who were not renewed when they should be, such as Ayton (1st), and one of them is Sexton. And the intention was, according to the local press, not to try it in the summer and see what market he had with the intention of releasing it. In the early days of the player in Cleveland they already warned that “does not know how to play” And the rumor has spread during these three years that teammates continually complained about their selfishness when managing the team as a point guard.

Now the hot potato is in the dispatches. Koby Altman is the man with all the power in sports and must decide before February 10, the date on which the market for transfers closes. It would not be surprising if Ricky, in a secondary but brilliant role like the one he has now, can hunt down a new contract for more than a year and close to the current amount (51×3, 17 million on average). Its performance is unmistakably spectacular. To value in the equation also the direction of the team this season; The more it declines and the closer it gets to the bottom of the rankings in the East, the more likely it is that Spanish will be a bargaining chip since, at present, they would not need it. There are several conditions that are now part of a new party, that of the offices, to try to make these Cavs a team with the best possible future. Ricky here will only be a spectator.


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