College of Economists swears in a new board chaired by a woman

The Dominican College of Economists (Codeco), swore in its new board, chaired by Ivelice Zoro Avila, who replaces José Lois Malkun.

During the swearing in of the new board, which took place at the UASD Teachers Club, the new president, Ivelice Zoro Avila, thanked the trust placed by her colleagues and promised to work to strengthen Codeco.

“From the management and from the technical coordination we will work to promote measures to strengthen the Codeco and benefit all Dominican economists. Among the main objectives that we have proposed: first, manage decent housing for economists who do not have their own home and those who live in conditions of extreme humility; Second, to raise the professional level of young economists by managing scholarships for technical courses, diplomas, master’s degrees, postgraduate degrees, and doctorates, Zoro highlighted.

In the same order, he also proposed: “To promote improvements in the curricula, not only in university students, but also in primary and secondary school students, to train the new generations in the knowledge of the economy; fourth, to link the national universities with our union to improve the status of economic sciences professionals; fifth, to include outstanding young people and winners in economics to join our union; Sixth, managing the acquisition of its own premises for the Codeco offices and the reactivation of the cooperative”, emphasized Zoro.

The new board of the College of Economists was made up of Raquel Ivelice Zoro Avila, as president; Bienvenido Núñez Mirabal, Vice President; Zoraida Altagracia Disla Meléndez, Secretary; Edward Rafael Ramírez, Organization Secretary; Gabriela Sánchez Castro, Secretary of Education; Asunción del Carmen Jorge Saint, Secretary of Finance; Pamela de León Garcia, Secretary for Technical Affairs; Francis Estévez, Secretary of Communications, Events and Protocol; Luis Alberto Amador Castillo, Secretary of Culture and Sports; Andrés Eduardo Pérez, Secretary of Minutes and Correspondence and finally José Brito, Secretary of Union Affairs.

During the activity, the members of the Evaluation, Monitoring, Control and Compliance Commission (CESCC) were also sworn in. Body composed of its president José Silverio; Starling Taveras, Vice President and Esperanza Villar Delgado, Secretary.

The outgoing president and former governor of the Central Bank, José Lois Malkun, was recognized at the ceremony. He thanked his fellow board members, the companies and institutions that supported him, and highlighted the quality of the newly sworn president.

It is recalled that the managers and managers sworn in in this activity, were elected from the elections held on March 7, 2023 and will remain in their positions until March 18, 2025.


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