Colissimo: employees have diverted hundreds of packages, the loot is estimated at 100,000 euros

Four employees of the Colissimo platform site in Montereau-sur-le-Jard diverted packages for months to then resell them under cover or on the internet. According to La Poste, the amount of the damage amounts to € 100,000. The four authors were arrested on October 4, 2021.

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After the Chronopost SMS scam spotted this Tuesday, October 12, 2021, our colleagues from the newspaper Le Parisien have just unveiled a major scam organized by four employees of the Colissimo sending site in Montereau-sur-le-Jard, in the Seine -and-Marne. PS5, Xbox Series X, computers and laptops, televisions … the four perpetrators have diverted packages for then resell them to relatives, undercover or on the web.

According to the Parisian, the four employees in question replaced the product barcode that they wanted to recover. They then attached a label with another delivery address. Note that the two oldest employees convinced two temporary workers to join the scheme. It must be said that their function was essential for the proper functioning of the scam, since they were both assigned to unload packages stored in delivery trucks.

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They diverted Colissimos to resell them

But as you can imagine, La Poste quickly identified several irregularities, starting with a growing number of complaints. More and more customers have assured that they have never received their package. Interested in these multiple reports, theThe Swiss Post teams have decided to conduct an internal investigation. La Poste notably gets its hands on several diverted packages and transmits the address notified on the packages to the police.

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The police quickly went to the scene and discovered dozens of high-tech objects of all kinds, such as game consoles, laptops, and even TVs. The authorities then quickly identified the four responsible employees, thanks to the collaboration of the Post Office. Searches were carried out at the homes of the defendants and investigators found overwhelming evidence there, starting with 8,000 euros in cash. More € 15,000 from the sale of stolen objects were seized from the bank accounts of the protagonists.

As our colleagues from Le Parisien specify, the four employees behind the scam were arrested on October 4, 2021. They were brought before a judge on Friday, then placed under judicial supervision. They will be tried on January 24, 2022 before the Fontainebleau Criminal Court.

Source: The Parisian

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