Coinbase introduces subscription service for free trading

The listed Coinbase continues to innovate and now comes with a very special product. You can now have one subscribe to Coinbase, which allows you to trade without transaction fees and get higher staking rewards. This service is now available in the US, UK, Germany and Ireland.

It costs $ 29.99 per month and therefore ensures that you as a trader no longer pay trading costs.

Big plans

The main purpose of the subscription is probably to attract the most active traders to the platform. There are people who incur enormous monthly costs on trading, because they do a lot of trades every day.

A subscription to Coinbase could make that venture a lot more profitable. On that note, it would make sense for many traders to switch to CEO Brian Armstrong’s trading platform.

Funnily enough, Coinbase was already working on it in 2021 beta testing of this service. So now it’s ready for the general public and it’s going straight from America to Europe.

Furthermore, Coinbase also hopes to make a move internationally by offering Coinbase One in 35 countries.

What is Coinbase One?

Coinbase One makes it possible, among other things, for US customers to immediately complete their tax papers regarding crypto. You also get access to Messari Insights and Analytics via a “Pro” account.

In addition, there is also a trial period of six months for an analysis of your personal portfolio of CoinTracker. They are therefore mainly tools that should make the life of a trader or investor easier.

It will be especially interesting to see whether Coinbase’s new subscription will cause the exchange to take market share from other parties. The only question that remains is whether Coinbase is smart enough to do this in this way.

As a result, the monthly turnover on active traders remains limited to $ 30 per person.

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