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Cognac Mac Tie, recipe for a good homemade cognac

receta de cognac

We nice and happy fat people like the subscriber, bakers and cake tasters very often resort to various drinks such as cognac to moisten the cakes and various doughs and give them a different taste.

Just with the intention of sharing a recipe that brings me a lot of benefit when it comes to enjoying a real artisan cognac or giving it as a gift to my friends. This is different and personalized, because with a good label (born from computer-aided inspiration or the work of a Corel) we also achieve a personal and differentiating touch.

The recipe is cheap and easy. I recommend making two preparations to age one of the two and sharing it with a chocolate or a cigar (I ate an eco-friendly diet) depending on your pleasure.

To make the cognac we need:

  • A 5 liter glass bottle with a cork stopper.
  • Twenty (20) dried plums with pits.
  • Twenty (20) peeled almonds (whole).
  • One (1) liter of pure 96° alcohol from a glass bottle.
  • Boil two liters of distilled water and allow to cool.
  • Willingness and patience to wait a bit.

To the plums I shake hands with Emboque:

Pour the previously washed plums and almonds through the spout of the demijohn. Add the liter of alcohol and the warm water. Cover and let rest for at least two months.

If we want a darker cognac, add a little burnt sugar to the mixture.

And for the cake?

Anything but our cognac.

A hug to everyone and one more recipe because as a good lawyer, I am a good foodie

Jose C. Corbatta

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