The Executive Committee of the Dominican Olympic Committee (COD) announced the creation of a commission that will negotiate with the Ministry of Sports an approach to keep the Olympic Hostel open.

The Olympic body sees it as “extremely necessary” to keep the Olympic Hostel in operation, due to the commitments that Dominican sport has with the calendar of this Olympic Cycle.

This year the Dominican Republic plans to participate in the XIX Valledupar Bolivarian Games, to be held from June 24 to July 5, and in the Caribbean Games projected to take place in the last four months of the year on the island of Guadeloupe.

Through a resolution of the Executive Committee, the engineers Luis Chanlatte and Rafael Uribe, first second vice-presidents of the COD, have been appointed to said commission; Gilberto García, general secretary; José Luis Ramírez, treasurer, and Nelson Ramírez, first member.

Recently the Ministry of Sports handed over the administration of the Olympic Hostel to the COD.

The Olympic body is very interested in keeping these facilities open so that the National Sports Federations can have a place where they can hold concentrations.

The Albergue Olímpico is a complex that consists of an administrative area, rooms, dormitories, athletes’ pavilions, industrial kitchen-dining room, laundry, sports center, gym, half track, swimming pool, saunas, medical dispensary, room for video games and meeting rooms , among other facilities.

The COD considers that to keep this important building in service, the participation of the State through the Ministry of Sports is of vital importance.



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