Coca-Cola mixes Crypto with the artworks of Vermeer and Van Gogh

Coca-Cola has launched a new proprietary collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) titled Masterpiece. Non-fungible tokens are tradable collectibles that have no physical form themselves, but can be linked to a physical object. Each NFT is unique and can be viewed as a digital certificate of ownership.

Crypto collectibles from Coca-Cola, Vermeer and Van Gogh

The NFT collection is released in partnership with Coinbase, the giant US crypto exchange. Coca-Cola launches the NFT series in conjunction with the “Masterpiece” media campaign. Coca-Cola’s NFT Collection has eight artworks available for purchase as part of the On-chain Summer promotional event.

The NFTs are classic works of art combined with the iconic Coca-Cola bottle. Two of these NFTs come from Dutch soil. These are the classic masterpieces “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer and “The Bedroom” by Vincent van Gogh. These two works of art are also associated with the famous Coca-Cola bottle.

Buying a Coca-Cola NFT is done with Ethereum (ETH). The NFTs are sold individually at prices between 0.0011 ETH and 0.014 ETH, or between 2 and 25 US dollars.

NFTs on Coinbase’s new Ethereum network

Introducing the NFT collection of The Coca Cola company coincides with Coinbase’s On-chain Summer festival. The multi-week event serves to celebrate the launch of your own base network. Base is a so-called layer-2 Network for Ethereum. Earlier this month, Coinbase’s Base network was officially opened to the general public. With this scalable Layer 2 solution on Ethereum, transactions are settled outside of the ETH blockchain.

This isn’t the first time the world-renowned soft drink brand has launched an NFT collection. More than two years ago, Coca-Cola auctioned off NFTs to raise money for Special Olympics. Back then, Coca-Cola’s first NFT loot box sold for more than $575,000 as a one-off.

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