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Coach Pradeep Kochhar told the interesting anecdote of Yash, when he had to change hotels for vegetarian food

Coach Pradeep Kochhar told the interesting anecdote of Yash, when he had to change hotels for vegetarian food

India captured the U-19 Cricket World Cup for the fifth time. They defeated England by 4 wickets in the final. Captain Yash Dhul has made a major contribution to India’s victory. Yash hails from Delhi and appears to be following the path of former Indian captain Virat Kohli. Kohli also shone after his stellar performance at the U-19 World Cup and later made it to India’s senior team. Yash’s trainer has said many interesting things related to him. In an interview with ABP News, he recounted how disciplined Yash plays cricket. Read the important part of the interview…

Ask- Virat Kohli, Unmukt Chand and now Yash Dhul came out of Delhi and captained India U19.
Answer- Delhi cricket is very good. Yes, junior cricket is very good. There is a lot of hunger for cricket in children. So reach that level and do it very well.
Ask- What kind of players are Yash, who have come out of your cricket academy?
Answer- Yash is a very disciplined boy. Everything he said, he used to absorb and implement. He was regular and his attitude was very good for cricket. When I did the captaincy at a small level, I carried all the equipment. He used to give other kids a chance first and then if necessary and work according to the match situation.
Ask- Raid to Yash in the coming times. Ball or cue ball cricketer, which player will you see?
answer- He hasn’t played red ball cricket yet. But when Ranji gets a chance, we’ll know. In White Ball, he played this U-19, Delhi-19, Vijay Hazare, Challenger, Bangladesh Asia Cup, in all of these I find him a good and mature player. Yash will shine in white hair.
Ask- Will we see Yash while bowling?
Answer- Yash Not so much interest in bowling. He plays bowling. Yash is a player who does not play, he plays bowling well. Cricketing mind is good. Right now there was no need in the U-19 games, almost all of them were versatile. But if in the future he feels that bowling is also needed, he will do that too. Along with hitting, a good fielder and the same body language on the field is very good. This looks in him different from all the children.
Ask- What are the memories of the academy associated with Yash?
Answer- We went to play Amritsar. Yash is a vegetarian boy. The rest of the children were not vegetarian. So I used to think, what should I tell you, sir? I was shy. Then, when I found out, I put him aside and fed him at a vegetarian restaurant. Yash hesitated a bit to say what he thought.
Ask- What will Yash say about the performance of this tournament?
Answer- Very good performance. Joe against South Africa, then the batting semi-final and the 20 he scored against Bangladesh, the match looked a bit stagnant at the time but Yash scored 20 runs on 20 balls and looked like he finished the match in 2 overs given.
Ask- Yash scored a century in the semi, what did you think of his hitting?
Answer- 2 out Went, then teamed up with Rashid. Beat carefully for 38 to 40 overs. And then he attacked. He hit very well to get to 70 to 110 runs. Looking at the hitting and shooting, it seemed like he’s a different caliber of a kid.
Ask- What do you think of Yash’s future? What are your hopes and what are your aspirations?
Answer: I think if he gets a shot at the Ranji Trophy properly and he gets a shot at the batting order, then this kid is going to do very well. ahead.

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