Cloudflare will not fail to protect sites with objectionable content

Cloudflare has suggested that it will continue to provide its security services to websites that may host “reprehensible” content.

In the past, the company has terminated relationships with customers deemed to have a negative impact on society at large, including a neo-Nazi troll site in 2017 and the 8chan conspiracy theory forum in 2019.

According to Cloudflare, while some websites may host abominable content, is not the right approach to keep services safe, that have effectively become an essential Internet utility.

“Just as the phone company won’t hang up your line if you say horrible, racist and bigoted things, we’ve come to the conclusion, after consulting with politicians, policymakers and experts, that shutting down security services because we think what we publish is despicable is wrong policy ยปthey wrote in blog Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO, and Alissa Starzak, vice president and global head of public policy at Cloudflare.

“To be clear, just because we’ve done it before in a limited set of cases doesn’t mean we were right when we did it. Or that we’re going to do it again.”

The blog post also mentions the Cloudflare Acceptable Hosting Policywhich gives the company the right to remove or disable access to content that it deems to contain, distribute or encourage the creation of child sexual abuse (CSAM) material or promote the exploitation of minors.

The company will also take action against websites that infringe intellectual property rights, websites that have been determined by appropriate legal process to be defamatory or libelous, among other examples.

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Since Cloudflare’s announcement, some of its users have expressed their frustration on Twitter, with some choosing to migrate their sites to a new hosting provider.

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