Cloudflare goes down and causes losses to Shopify e-commerce

Yesterday morning the e-commerces that have Shopify as CMS woke up to the bad news that the platform had gone down. Consumers when entering some of these websites were with the «error 500«.

However, the fault has not been Shopify but cloudflare, provider of content delivery networks (CDN) and DNS services with which a large number of Internet pages have. The error began at half past eight in the morning and affected for an hour until the company was able to resolve the incident.

What exactly is Cloudflare and why has it affected its downfall so much?

Cloudflare is one of the world’s leading CDN (Content Delivery/Distribution Network) providers. When users surf the web they make requests to remote servers to access the different pages, that is where CDNs are vital. It allows websites, even if they have servers far from us, to work smoothly.

Some of the websites hosted by Cloudflare are:

  • drop box
  • Discord
  • Shopify
  • Reuters
  • Garmin
  • IBM
  • EFE
  • DoorDash
  • OKX

This time the problem has been resolved quickly. In an hour the company issued a statement in which he announced that everything was turned out:

The losses caused by the interruption are not yet clear, but the networks have been filled with messages of complaints about the situation. CEO of OKXcryptocurrency exchange platform, has published a tweet in which it says: «In case you can’t visit and get “500 Internal Server Error” message, it seems to be a #Cloudflare issue…It looks like a global internet outage, things should be back to normal soon…any web3 alternatives in the future?«. Will an alternative be found in the future to avoid these falls?

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