In the absence of the approval of the owners of the Inter de Milanthe Belgian striker will leave Stamford Bridge to return to Italy. Romelu Lukakuwho has not performed as expected in the Premier League, will seek to find himself again in the club where he completely exploded.

Inter de Milan

However, the forward, international with the Belgium national teamhopes to reverse this situation in the Inter de Milan, a club in which he finished exploiting his goalscoring and assist records. The duo that will form again with Lautaro Martinezplus the possible incorporation of paulo dybalawill make Inter Milan the most fearsome team in the Italian Serie A.

As reported matthew barzaghithe Chelsea would have informed the Inter de Milan that the price of the transfer of Romelu Lukaku for one season it is 10 million euros, in addition to the full payment of the player’s salary. Taking into account that the Italian club entered more than 100 million euros after the sale of the striker, said operation does not appear to have excessive risk.

-Chelsea will have to find a substitute


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