While temperatures are reaching record highs for the month of May in France and the formation of an eco-friendly government is expected in our country, the climate indicators are red for the year 2021. World meteorological organization which depends on the UN has just published its annual report, Wednesday, May 18. And what stands out is that new records have been broken.

This report “chains the distressing reports of failure in the fight of humanity against climate change”, warns Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary General. Mainly four records were broken. With the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the rise of the oceans, their acidification and heat waves, can we read in this report.

“Most areas of the ocean experienced at least one strong heat wave,” points out the UN Secretary General. However, thanks to the ocean current Nina, 2021 is not the hottest year on record. The temperature is 1.1° higher compared to the pre-industrial era. But the last seven years are the hottest in recorded history, this report points out.

The degradation of the climate is installed. Carbon dioxide or methane concentrations continue to rise. There is a 150% increase in CO2 compared to the pre-industrial era. Consequence: the warming that contributes to the bleaching of corals reaches a record level. Sea level rise is accelerating. And acidification is at an all-time high, which hasn’t been reached in the past 56 million years. This report shows a basic trend that also affects the poles and the glaciers.

Thus, for Antonio Guterres, “The global energy system is bankrupt and pushing us closer to climate catastrophe every day”. “Time is running out for us”, again alerts the UN Secretary General, for whom “A sustainable future necessarily involves renewables”.


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