Climate: Monday July 3 was the hottest day ever measured globally, according to an American agency

This is a record that will probably not last long. Monday, July 3, was the hottest day ever measured globally, according to measurements released Tuesday by the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Observation Agency, whose records date back to 1979. On average, the temperature at the surface of the earth was 17.01°C, the first time that it exceeded the bar of 17°C.

The previous daily record dated July 24, 2022, with an average temperature measured at 16.92°C.

The average global temperature generally continues to rise until late July-early August, suggesting that this metric could quickly be exceeded. Already in early June, global average temperatures were the hottest ever recorded for this period by the European service Copernicus, beating previous records with a “substantial margin”.

These observations are a probable foretaste of the El Niño phenomenon, the consequences of which the UN called on Tuesday to anticipate, coupled with the effects of global warming caused by human activity.

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