Climate Law: Wise Men Reject Appeal Filed By Greenpeace And Left Elected Officials

Greenpeace and some sixty left-wing MPs seized the Constitutional Council because they considered that the new climate law was insufficient given the scale of climate change to come. This Friday, August 13, the Sages decided to reject this appeal that they consider “as excessively general the grievances from which he (the council) was taken”, without commenting on the substance of the text.

“The plaintiffs only develop a general criticism (…) of the insufficiency of the law as a whole and therefore do not criticize, to ask for censorship, any provision in particular,” explains the press release, which indicates that the Wise Men for Therefore, he could only rule out this appeal.

However, for the Greenpeace association and these approximately sixty elected PCF, LFI and PS, there is the possibility of challenging various articles of the law through the priority issue of constitutionality procedure.

The Climate Resilience Law, inspired by the work of the Citizen’s Climate Convention (CCC), associated with other texts and the recovery plan, will allow France to fulfill its commitments and “strive to achieve the objective of – 40%” of greenhouse gas emissions for 2030 compared to 1990, said the Ministry of Ecological Transition when it was adopted by Parliament on July 20.

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