Climate: how can we further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions?

Between 2021 and 2022, greenhouse gas emissions fell by 2.7% in France. For the High Council for the Climate, this is far from enough. “Each French person emits about ten tons of it per year. To maintain a bearable climate, this figure must drop below two tons by 2050”says journalist Sandrine Feydel, present on the set of 19/20, Thursday, June 29.

A necessary change of habits

“Driving 10,000 km per year with a large SUV kept for ten years, we already exceed three tonnes of C02. Driving 10,000 km with a small car, we drop to 2.1 tonnes”takes as an example the journalist. “We understand it right away: to take your car less, you will need trains, public transport and secure cycle paths”she continues, before returning to the impact on greenhouse gas emissions of certain housing and meat consumption.

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