Climate change is the doomsday in the world? A dire foreboding

The whole world is in the grip of climate change, somewhere the sun is raining fire and somewhere there are stormy rains and floods causing destruction, international organizations have issued dangerous warnings.

According to ARY News, the effects of climate change have gripped the entire world. Somewhere the sun is pouring fire, some where torrential rains, floods and hurricanes are raging. In this regard, the United Nations has warned that the world should now prepare to face extreme heat, while on the other hand, the World Meteorological Organization has also expressed the fear of an increase in heart attacks and deaths due to the extreme heat wave. .

At this time, many countries of the world are burning with the sun. Temperatures in China broke all previous records by touching 52 degrees Celsius and several orange heat alerts have been issued there.

The temperature in America’s Death Valley reached 56 degrees Celsius, proving the area to be a veritable death valley. In the American city of Phoenix, the 50-year record of heat has been broken and the most intense heat has made people miserable. Smoke from Canadian forests has reached North and East America, prompting 20 states to issue air quality alerts.

Japan has so far issued 32 alerts related to heat stroke and more than 60 people have reached the hospitals due to heat wave. On the other hand, heat wave is also on the rise in Europe. The temperature in Rome, the capital of Italy, reached 41.8 degrees Celsius, making the environment an oven for the locals. Red alert has been issued in 20 cities of Italy. The temperature of the island of Sardinia is expected to reach 48 degrees Celsius.

Forest fires in Switzerland, Greece and Spain are heating up and strong winds are fueling the blazes. In the forests of Canada, more than 500 fires have gone out of control and have so far consumed 1.2 million hectares.

While the sun is burning everyone, many countries are under the influence of destructive rains, floods and hurricanes. The water is bent on sweeping away everything like a ragweed.

The powerful typhoon Talum has hit southern China and Vietnam, due to which more than two lakh people have been moved from the affected areas to safer places.

At the beginning of this month, the rains and floods in the American states, including New York, created a new history of disaster. Now, the stormy rains in Moscow have also caused a fire and dozens of flights have been canceled while being delayed.

Heavy rains and floods have disrupted normal life in South Korea. The number of people trapped and killed in underpasses is increasing.

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