Climate change: a major European country in the grip of the worst heat wave

According to media reports, a statement issued by the Greek prime minister said that Greece is facing the worst heat wave in thirty years, with temperatures in some parts of Greece reaching 45 degrees Celsius, while by the end of this week will be higher.

Greek Prime Minister Carikos Mitsutakis said that the worst heat wave in the country in 1987 had killed more than a thousand people and that the government had ordered citizens not to leave their homes unnecessarily.

According to media reports, forest fires in Greece are spreading rapidly due to the hot climate, which has so far burned more than 7,004 acres, most of which were pine, apple and olive forests. hiking place known as “Valley of the Butterflies” evacuated by tourists.

It should be noted that the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe was forty-eight degrees Celsius, which was reported in Athens in 1907.

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