What made you decide on the subject of endometriosis?

We wanted for this parliamentary niche a proposal to extend the rights of women. Endometriosis is a disease that is too little understood, even though it affects between two and four million women in France. We then wanted to act for the recognition of this disease which affects women.

What does the draft resolution * contain?

We are asking for a position taken by the National Assembly to include endometriosis in the list of ALD 30, that is to say long-term exonerating conditions. This is a list of ailments which opens up rights: to 100% reimbursement from Social Security, to take days off and to adapt his working time because of his ailment. This is a very important and expected lead for associations fighting against endometriosis.

But today, endometriosis can already be considered as an ALD …

Indeed, endometriosis is one of ALD 31, the “off-list” diseases. It can then be recognized as ALD, but this is not systematic. It all depends on the practitioners, the territories… it’s haphazard luck. This random dimension means that today we have no real recognition. Including endometriosis in the ALD 30 is a systematic guarantee of reimbursement of care and of the organization of working time.

Emmanuel Macron sketched out a national strategy for the fight against endometriosis last Tuesday. What did you think of it?

I find it positive that the President of the Republic is saying that he is interested in the issue. It’s a first victory. There is a lot to do: invest in research, in training, in the associative fabric which works for the recognition of this disease… So, obviously, there is enough to make a plan. But for me, what was presented is just an announcement, without something specific, without temporality, without recognition of the disease in ALD 30… What are they going to do, a toll-free number? I am wary. In addition, this announcement falls the same week that we put this motion for a resolution in our niche… it’s quite symptomatic of what is happening.


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