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Clear way for Vilda’s dismissal

Clear way for Vilda's dismissal

The dismissal of Jorge Vilda as coach of the women’s team it’s getting closer One of the points delaying the decision was doubts about the validity of Luis Rubiales’ verbal offer for the four-season extension with a salary of 500,000 euros a year, legal sources point out This proposal cannot be considered as a contract.

Therefore, The association should only compensate Vilda for the only remaining year of her contract until 2024 in the amount of around 170,000 eurosS. A whole different crowd the two million euros would have had to pay if the verbal offer had been of a contractual nature.

In this more favorable economic environment, interim president Pedro Rocha can always make the decision to sack the manager in order to find a successor soon September matches of the UEFA Nations League in which Spain risks its presence in the world Olympic Games Paris 2024.


A report by “Legalitas” leaves no doubt. Rubiales’ offer to Vilda at the extraordinary assembly is not binding. “Firstly, because the contract for professional athletes has to be in writing and secondly, because the contract authority lies with the board,” he emphasizes.

Legalitas clarifies that “in the workplace in general, the oral contract is valid”.but the situation of Jorge Vilda is very different: “The statements of the President of the Spanish Football Federation.” may be understood as a proposal or offer, but is not a contract”.

Hired footballers/coaches at the Spanish Football Federationis contained in Articles 152 et seq. of the General Regulations of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, which requires the formalization of the agreement or contract through a certain form”, emphasizes “Legalitas”.

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