Claw victory for Valencia Basket

There were two games at La Fonteta. In the first two quarters Tenerife was better, but after the break, Valencia got up and turned a game around with grit, courage and heart. Jasiel Rivero finished with 17 points and it was he who raised the game in the final stretch.

Valencia Basket faced the game after the tough defeat last Friday against Baskonia in the Euroleague. Mumbrú pulled out the whip and wanted a more focused team to receive Tenerife. The island team arrived after two weeks without competing after playing the Copa del Rey final. Bolmaro was on the bench.

Valencia came out better in the game, but little by little Tenerife was gaining ground thanks to the great inside game of Doornekamp and the good direction of Jaime Fernández. Webb III’s six points kept the orange team alive in the game. The end of the first act came and the insulars won by five (19-24).

In the second act everything was the same. Tenerife was comfortable on the track and it showed on the scoreboard. Fran Guerra was completing a fantastic game with 100% success from the shots from two. Chris Jones had to come out to bring order to the game for the taronja team. With him on the track, the team began to carburete. He delivered a great assist for Radebaugh who later scored a great three-pointer to leave the score (30-40) with 2:30 left to go at the break.. A triple by Webb III in the final moments made up the electronic and gave Valencia Basket hope to overcome the game in the second half.

Josep Puerto’s claw appeared and scored five consecutive points to adjust the score. Jaime Fernández, who else scored another. The three point festival continued and Webb III scored his to leave the score (43-47) with 6:25 left to reach the end of the third quarter. Valencia’s comeback came with 4:25 remaining. Jasiel Rivero scored after some great play by Radebaugh and Jones to put the oranges ahead.

Great third quarter for the Valencians who, with a run of (22-9), turned the game around to leave the swords high in the last and final act. Ten minutes of tension remained in La Fonteta.

Pradilla and Evans scored a run of (7-0) to put the maximum difference in favor of Valencia Basket in the game (+9) with eight minutes remaining to reach the end. The time came for Bolmaro who scored his first triple in his new club to adjust the score (65-62).

The ending was not for the faint of heart. Marker very tight and with the nerves on the surface of the skin. Shermadini excessively protested a foul signaled to Tenerife which led to a technical foul that served for Valencia to move away on the scoreboard. Rivero was being fundamental in defense and attack and Mumbrú kept him on track with four fouls aware of what was at stake. The Cuban was being the best with 17 points.

La Fonteta knew how to value the effort of its players who took another victory in ACB, the sixth consecutive at home, against a Tenerife that went from more to less in the game.

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