Classical music and perico ripiao: two rhythms so different that this week they “dance pegao”

The idea of ​​uniting the symphonic music of Ludwig van Beethoven with the typical Dominican sound, nothing more and nothing less than the perico ripiao, is in itself a novelty.

This original proposal is from Capellán Production, specifically by José Capellán, who more than 15 years ago had this vision and will now materialize it in “Lazos de Hermandad”, which will have its first concert this Wednesday at the Gran Teatro del Cibao.

Music director Deivit Landestoy commented that the union of these very different genres is a huge contribution to the cultural heritage, it is like a combination where you can appreciate Dominican music orchestrated from other sources such as the violin and other elements that are not usually used in the merengue and that had never before been witnessed in the Dominican Republic.

Instead, the teacher Ruddy Chaplain, director of the Cibao Symphony, confessed that this concert will be a show where something so different and unique in its kind will come together, and that with the talent of more than 80 musicians on stage, he has high expectations regarding the attendance of people who want to witness the novelty.

Among the scheduled artists are Krisspy, La India Canela, El Prodigio and Robert Liriano to interpret the tastiness of merengue, but with the symphonic touch of the Leipzig German Philharmonic performed by maestro Michael Kohler.

The series of concerts will take place this Wednesday, February 23 at 8:30 p.m. at the Gran Teatro del Cibao, on Friday 25 at the Puerto Plata amphitheater and on Saturday 26 at the National Theater in Santo Domingo.

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It will feature the musical arrangements of the teachers Landestoy and Capellán, who confessed the success of the sale of all the tickets in the scheduled concert in Santiago and the high possibilities of a possible extra show on the other side of the world, specifically in China and Korea.

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