Classic with pending accounts in search of the Cup final

The shadow of the great teams is long, so three of them will be in the semifinals of the Spanish Cup. Two of the most successful players in the history of national futsal will open fire: Barcelona and Movistar Inter (19:00, TDP) . A true classic with pending accounts, since it will be a replay of last year’s semifinal in which the culés took the cat into the water with a stellar performance by Sergio Lozano and Pito (4-6).

The Brazilian arrives launched after his decisive double in the quarterfinals against Valdepeñas, but also those of Torrejón, the result of their superb collective performance against a UMA Antequera team that ended in a win (0-6). Fits, the great winter signing of Movistar Inter, It could be decisive one more day in favor of his team (in the quarterfinals he also signed a double, like Cecilio).

The last ticket to the grand final, which will be with one day less rest compared to the winner of the previous clash, will be reserved for the winner of the Jaén Interior Paradise-EPozo. In their league duel, which curiously meant the last defeat conceded by the people of Jaen this season back in October, Murcian victory: 7-5. The yellow tide, one step away from celebrating the qualification to a new final, a sensation that they have not experienced since they were proclaimed champions in 2018.

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