Clashes in Panjshir, Taliban claim control of the area

KABUL: Clashes continue between Taliban fighters and resistance groups in Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley.

According to Afghan media reports, clashes broke out between Taliban fighters and a resistance group at Gulbahar, the entrance to Panjshir, on the second day, in which both groups used heavy and light weapons freely.

According to Afghan media reports, after 24 hours, the two sides started clashing with each other and accused each other of being the first in the mobilization.

Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said: “Our fighters have entered the Panjshir Valley and gained control of various areas.” Confirming the operation, he said “action has been taken against the failure of the talks and the rebels not surrendering”.

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on the other hand In an exclusive interview with ARY News, Taliban Commander General Mubeen said,Talks took place between the Taliban delegation and Ahmed Masood, the head of the resistance group, in which they made unreasonable and unreasonable demands.

he said ‘Ahmed Masood says he does not want the current weapons to be withdrawn, he is demanding a 30% share in the new government, Ahmed Masood wants control in Panjshir and the deployment of people of his choice.

The Taliban command said:Ahmed Masood also demanded that those coming to us from abroad would not be monitored. General Mubeen said that the demands of Ahmed Masood are unacceptable, our fighters have entered the valley and will soon take full control of Panj Sher.

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