Clarification of Saudi officials regarding the stay of domestic workers

Riyadh: Saudi officials have issued an explanation regarding the renewal and departure of domestic workers in the kingdom.

In Saudi Arabia, foreign workers are divided into two categories, including domestic workers and the commercial category, domestic workers include drivers, maids, janitors, cooks, family teachers, etc., while employees in the commercial sector fall into the second category. Are

The main difference between the employees of the two sectors is the fees, the procedure for hiring commercial workers is different from that of domestic workers, while there is also a difference in their accommodation fees.

On Twitter, a person found out what is the procedure for renewing the residence of Saik Khas?

Jawazat said that in order to renew the residency of Saik Khas, the sponsor of the worker should renew the residency through his Abshar account.

It is necessary to pay the residency fee of the worker before issuing the command to renew the residency from Abshar account which will be paid through the bank, residency cannot be renewed before paying the fee.

The annual fee for stay of Saik Khas ie family driver or workers in this category is 500 riyals, while they are not charged Saudiization fee in terms of Ministry of Manpower.

Therefore, their residency is renewed directly from the licenses, while the residency of commercial workers is renewed only after paying a fee to the Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare, formerly known as the Ministry of Labor. Is renewed with licenses.

With reference to the Domestic Workman, another person discovered that the exit of a domestic worker who has gone home on leave can be extended.

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The ministry said that it is possible to extend the stay and departure period of foreign workers who have left the country. Use your Abshar account to expand.

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