Claressa Shields is the queen

Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall have given us a historic night, not only for women’s boxing, but for boxing in general. The American has prevailed by unanimous decision and has managed to be crowned undisputed champion of the middleweight in a heart attack fight. Both have given everything to take the victory, but Shields has landed the best hands and has thrown the best shots.

The fight was intense from start to finish. Savannah Marshal came out in the first round taking the initiative in the center of the ring, but Claressa Shields responded with a flurry of blows. The Englishwoman was not going to let herself be stepped on and responded harshly with strong exchanges of blows. A strong right hand hit the American in the face in the second round and put her on the ropes, but she knew how to get out of the situation. Level up and Shields keeps throwing punches that hurt Marshall. The Englishwoman continues to put Shields on the ropes in the following rounds, but Shields holds her guard tight and lands combinations that could knock anyone down. From the sixth round, they raise the intensity again. Shields is far superior, he throws incredible punches and doesn’t stop at any time. Marshall endures and responds, but he can’t get to his level, so during the last rounds he tries to look for the KO. The American was not going to allow it. She had been waiting 10 years for this rematch and she was clear that she was going to win. They exchange blows until the end of the match, and Shields ends up with a cut on his right eyebrow.

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Claressa Shields has finally had her revenge and has made a perfect match to take the victory. He has shown constant superiority and has thrown the best shots. She has been more successful when connecting and has overwhelmed Savannah Marshall, who has given everything in the ring, but it has not been enough to defeat the best boxer in the world.

Alycia Baumgardner, new unified super featherweight champion

The co-main event of the night has not been left behind. Alycia Baumgardner has defeated Mikaela Mayer by split decision (96-95 / 96-95 / 97-93) in a very even and controversial match. The Bomb It started out stronger, but Mayer upped the intensity throughout the match. Both boxers moved around the ring very well and threw good combinations of hands. Baymgardner becomes the unified super featherweight champion and Mikaela Mayer was outraged by the result.

Lauren Price prevailed against Timea Belik after the referee had to stop the match in the fourth round. The Welsh boxer was far superior to the Hungarian during the fight, so much so that the referee decided to stop it. Caroline Dubois gave a real boxing show by defeating Milena Koleva by TKO in the fifth round, as did Karriss Artingstall who defeated Marina Sakharov with much superiority.

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