"City will not decide where Cristiano will play"

Pep Guardiola has appeared at a press conference before the Premier League game against Arsenal although the main focus of the conference was the situation of Cristiano Ronaldo.

On the possible signing of Cristiano: “I can’t say much. Kane announced that he would continue at an exceptional club like Tottenham. Cristiano is a Juventus footballer and I can only say that in these days when the market is out, anything can happen. There are very few footballers, and Cristiano or Messi are some of them, in which they decide where they want to play. I’m very happy with my current squad. “

Frustrated signing of Harry Kane: “When a team does not want to negotiate there is nothing to do. It is understandable. They did not want to talk. If they open the door, we’ll see. If they ask us for 200 million pounds, we do not have it. Daniel Levy is the great master of the negotiation, maybe I would have done the same if Kane was on my team. “

Train Ronaldo and Messi?: “Cristiano will decide where he is going to play, not Manchester City. Messi chooses where he wants to play. He wanted to go to PSG and he went to PSG. They knock on the door.”

End of your contract in 2023: “I’m not thinking of leaving in two years. Maybe I will leave in two months if the results are not good. Or in five years. What I said the other day is that when my period at Manchester City is over, whatever the time is. , two years or whatever, I’ll take a break. Today I have no reason to leave. And I don’t know in two years. “

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De Bruyne injury: “Not yet available, has to recover.”

Situation of Arteta and Arsenal: “We have played two games, not 20 or 25. It’s too early. They trusted Mikel Arteta a lot because they spent money to improve the team and it’s only been two games. Why isn’t he given more time to build what they want to build? “

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