Citroën autonomous vehicles to enjoy traffic jams

Exercising while on the move, or enjoying a luxurious private lounge, this is Citroën’s vision with its prototypes for the urban transport of the future

According to the World Bank, two-thirds of humanity will live in cities by 2050. Transportation is an essential requirement in the daily life of cities, and also one of its biggest drawbacks, with traffic jams and pollution becoming the price that there is. to pay to live in an urban center.

Urban Collëctif is a new partnership between the Citroën car manufacturer, the Accor hotel chain and the outdoor advertising and urban furniture company JCDecaux, three French companies with a presence in many cities around the world and in the lives of their inhabitants. It is therefore not surprising that they have agreed to imagine the mobility of the future in cities. Citroën presented its Ami this year, an urban electric vehicle accessible from the age of 14.

Instead of designing different vehicles, Urban Collëctif proposes a flexible solution: an autonomous robotic platform called Citroën Skate, on top of which different ‘capsules’ can be mounted for various purposes: from a rolling room to transport hotel guests with elegance to a mobile gym where you can work out before (or hopefully after) the meeting.

The Citroën Skate looks like a huge skateboard, with four spectacular Goodyear-designed spherical wheels that can turn in any direction, powered by six electric motors in its housing. The platform contains batteries and radar and lidar sensors that allow you to navigate the streets. Measuring 2.6 meters long by 1.6 meters wide and just over half a meter high, the Citroen Skate can reach a top speed of 16 mph.

Citroën Skate

The idea is that the Skate is able to go by itself to a recharging point, and then return to work to transport one of the possible capsules. This system of separate and flexible components would open the door for the platform and capsule to be operated by different companies.

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The hotel company Accor has proposed two capsule ideas: the first is called Sofitel En Voyage, named after its hotel chain, and it is a luxurious red upholstered lounge where up to three passengers and their luggage can move around while enjoying a glass of champagne. Inside are induction chargers, a screen showing the news and the weather, a bar with drinks and snacks, and everything you need to make video calls, make a spa reservation or opera tickets.

accor sofitel on voyage

Sccor Sofitel En Voyage

There’s also the Pullman Power Fitness pod, a gym on wheels equipped with a cleverly placed rowing machine and stationary bike with a reversible seat in the center. This would allow you to take advantage of the travel time to get in shape, and not end up feeling that the traffic jam has been a waste of time. It is equipped with two screens and a virtual personal trainer.

Pullman Power Fitness pod

Pullman Power Fitness pod

For its part, JCDecaux has designed the City Provider capsule, a mixture of a canopy and a small bus, designed to make tourist routes through cities in an automated way. With a large interactive screen that can give information about the route, it can transport up to five people with access for wheelchairs and baby carriages. Its green roof reinforces the idea that it is urban furniture, but in this case mobile.

jcdecaux city provider

JCDecaux city provider

«It would be a dream if people came out of one of these capsules thinking, have we already arrived? What a shame! ”Says Anne Laliron, Citroën Vice President of Future Products who has led the project.

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