Citroën Ami already has a rival: it’s called Fiat Topolino

When Citroën launched the Ami, it was a rock in the pond among electric vehicles. It is that the small electric quadricycle reached the Portuguese market with a price that started just over €7,000.

This type of vehicle seemed to have no more rival than the Oppo Rocks-e… until now. Fiat shared the first image of what will be one of its next bets in the segment. Is called fiat topolinoand it will be the next electric ATV to hit the market.

fiat topolino
The first official image of the Fiat Topolino

As for the design of the Topolino, it comes with a more classic look than the ‘fun’ Ami. The Italian construction company’s proposal will ‘drink’ the design of the classic Fiat 500 that went on the market in 1955, and the name comes from the model in activity between 1936 and 1955.

The Stellantis group started this demand for electric microcars with the Citroen Ami, and reinforced it with the Opel Rocks-e. Now with the Fiat Topolino, the objective is the same: “to be a leader on the path towards sustainable mobility.

Fiat Topo should match the characteristics of Citroën Ami

The image we share above is the only one ever revealed by Fiat, without expecting big differences compared to the Ami. The brand didn’t reveal details, but we should expect space for two people and some storage. Although small, it is expected to be a robust vehicle.

As it is a quadricycle, it will be limited to the maximum speed allowed by law of 45 km/h, and can be driven by young people of at least 16 years old and with a B1 driving license. By comparison, the Ami had a 5.5 kWh battery that recharged from a 220V outlet in 3 hours. The estimated autonomy of this model is 75 km.

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