Kuwait City: The government has warned those who do not have a driving license.

According to the details, security sources warned Alrai that it is against the law not to carry the original driver’s license and to offer only ‘digital driving license’ in the ‘My Identity Identity’ application. Traffic will be violated against them.

Sources revealed that Article 42 of the Traffic Law specifies such violations which require revocation of the driver’s license from the driver, besides the fact that not having the license with him is against the traffic law. Is considered a violation and requires a license to be issued by security personnel to impose a fine.

Report of the security personnel to the violator in accordance with paragraph 4 of Article 36 of Kuwait’s traffic law which indicates that the vehicle without a driving license or any other permit required for its enforcement regulations. Driving is against the law.

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Sources point out that in the presence of a clear legal text, it is not enough to disclose the digital license and not to accompany the original license.

Sources confirmed that despite the announcement, several traffic violations were issued to several drivers for showing the “Howitti” application digital driving license and not having a conventional driving license.

Officials stressed that any change in procedure would require a government decision to consider amending the traffic law legislation or considering an electronic driving license.



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