Cities with “smart parking lots” save fuel and time

The sustained growth of cities around the world accompanied by the maintenance of order and the fluidity of transport, is part of one of the greatest challenges for governments when it comes to improving the experience of living and working in areas of cities with great accumulation of vehicles.

In this regard, Quantik, a Uruguayan company located in the Dominican Republic, assured that smart parking on public roads in cities with high population density has the fundamental objective of reducing the time it takes a driver to find a place to park, with the consequent fuel savings and environmental benefits that the initiative allows, in addition to making it easier to know in advance where a person is going to park before reaching it.

The integrator company proposed important initiatives to help contribute to the development of better urban planning for cities with high population density.

“It became a big problem both for the authorities and for every citizen who faces the difficult task of quickly finding a place to park. And while it has been waiting, it may be time that we can add intelligence to the complete experience of finding a parking lot ”, says Rafael Staricco, CEO of Quantik.

Supported by technology, the Smart Parking system has the ability to notify the driver of the available spaces in real time through an application that can guide the assigned place by means of GPS with the possibility of making the payment right there, communicating the exact minutes to the system that the car was parked.

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In cities that have paid parking, the solution adds value by allowing the availability of key places, encouraging rotation and optimizing the time of each citizen when indicating where they can find parking. In addition, there will be real-time data on the flows of the automobile fleet in areas with a high concentration of activity, promoting greater organization of the city.


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