Cisne-Cangas, a Galician derby that can be fatal

It is presented as a Galician derby in good manners in Pontevedra with the flavor of a handball party in the province (5:00 p.m.)but six days from the end of the season, with Cisne with 11 points and Cangas with 17, with both threatened by the tragedy of relegation, the result of the clash can have a fatal outcome for one or even for both teams.

In the preview, the Asobal League brought together the coaches Javi Márquez (Cisne) and Nacho Moyano (Cangas) to photograph them under the auspices of a party, with the local fans invaded by just over twenty percent of fans from the area of ​​influence of the Cangas. “In a derby there are no favorites or the need to motivate the players,” says Moyano from Madrid, who needs to recover his team from the blur of defeat at home against Guadalajara.

The Swan is almost hopeless. It is only worth winning in a clash in which concession is impossible, because Cangas arrives in a hurry, and even a draw could be insufficient. That is to say, there is a game with many interests: and for both of them, for the remainder of the League, it is only worth it, from the outset, to win and win.

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