Cinema: the first film shot in space will be Russian

Russia doubles its American competitor in space, with cinema this time around. The country launches the first film in orbit in history. The actress and director took off on the morning of Tuesday, October 5.

At 10:55 a.m. on Tuesday, October 5, a rocket rose in Baikonur, in the skies of Kazakhstan. Seven minutes later, the capsule was already weightless. It will reach the space station in a few hours. On board, a young Russian actress, accompanied by an ambitious director and a colonel from the Russian army. “I am very excited and happy, because (…) not many people have been to space”, confides the actress Loulia Peressild.

The film, shot in 12 days in the ISS, will tell the story of a young female doctor, who is the only one able to operate on an astronaut stranded in the international station. Russian members of the ISS will play the extras. 40 minutes of the film will take place in zero gravity. “It is very difficult to film weightlessness on earth”, explains the director, Klim Shipenko. The character has a few days to prepare. In reality, the producer and actress have had 12 weeks of training, enough to catch the SpaceX team and Tom Cruise, who are also planning a space movie.

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