Cinema: soon The Last Duel, historical film by Ridley Scott

On the program of Ridley Scott’s latest film: great cinema and a star-studded cast. The Last Duel, showing Wednesday October 13, was filmed largely in the Dordogne.

In the feudal society of the fourteenth century, what is the value of a woman’s word? Marguerite de Caroux denounces a rape without witnesses and that she has no means of proving. Her husband asks the mad king, Charles VI, for the right to confront his attacker. “It was not considered a violent act towards her, but like violence towards her husband, the stake was very important (…) this fact alone reflects what kind of woman she was”, explains Jodie Comer, actress.

Inspired by a true story, The Last Duel perfectly recreates the violent era of the Hundred Years War. To reproduce the duel in all its intensity, famous director Ridley Scott created an arena. He used multiple cranes for the horses, simultaneously filming with six cameras. The judicial duel survived until the 16th century, it was also called the ordeal. Shot in PĂ©rigord, Burgundy and Ireland, it also brings together Matt Damon and Adam Driver.

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