Cinema: Oliver Stone’s new documentary on the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

While in Deauville (Calvados), filmmaker Oliver Stone came to present his new documentary in which he reviews the assassination of former US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

He was greeted by many people who came to meet him on Saturday, September 4 in Deauville in Calvados. The legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone is visiting to present his new documentary. He dedicates it to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the assassinated former US president. In 1991, he had already directed “JFK”, a film on the same subject. This work had shocked at the time because the director defended the thesis of a coup d’├ętat involving among others the CIA.

The death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy remains a taboo subject in the United States, Oliver Stone has not received any American funding for his documentary. Inside, it is based on new documents to evoke certain gray areas of the case. He evokes inconsistencies in the president’s autopsy, the links between Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin, and the CIA. He also doubts the theory of a magic bullet which alone would be responsible for seven wounds on the president and the governor of Texas, sitting in front of him in the car. Advanced by the official investigation, the hypothesis then rules out the possibility of a second shooter.

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