Cinema: “Little Nicolas” is back on the screens

The most famous Nicolas will be on screens again on Wednesday 20 October, the release day of the new film on the adventures of “Little Nicolas”. The parents will this time be played by Audrey Lamy and Jean-Paul Rouve.

The little Nicolas, a “paper hero” imagined by Goscinny and Sempé during the 30 Glorieuses, comes to life for the third time in the cinema. Audrey Lamy and Jean-Paul Rouve, who will play Nicolas’ parents, are also very big fans of Goscinny. “He’s so fair in the way he puts himself in a child’s head. It’s universal children through the ages“, confided Jean-Paul Rouve, during the preview of the film.

We find the same children, the same nonsense and the same traumas during a move, the main plot of the film. In 1959, Goscinny and Sempé had published the adventures of the little boy in the form of a comic strip in a newspaper. Soon, the stories will be translated into books, 220 in total. Children like to compare themselves to characters in the story like Alceste, the greedy, or Clotaire, the dunce.

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