Cinema: Jean-Paul Belmondo, a multi-faceted legend

Jean-Paul Belmondo died on Monday September 6. He will have marked the history of cinema by his talent, his foolproof mentality and a sense of the verb which made him become one of the mythical actors of French cinema.

All French people remember Jean-Paul Belmondo differently. The actor, who died Monday, September 6, wrote his legend through various films that have become cult. His smile and good humor were infectious. “Arriving on a stage, having a good mood, keeping the dynamism seems much harder to me than taking a sad face”, he confessed in 1975 in an interview.

Jean-Paul Belmondo was a complete actor, always ready to perform his own stunts. But he also drew on other things to enrich his roles, in particular his practice of certain sports. “Boxing had given me precisely this surly side in life, that is to say, not to be dismantled when things are going badly”, he explained. “Bébel” finally built a magnificent career which made him very proud. “All my youth, I played for ten years in the theater. I had great joys. The cinema gave me immense joys for 28 years so I have no regrets”, he assured in 1987.

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