Cinema: in Deauville, Oliver Stone is haunted by Kennedy’s assassination

At the American Film Festival in Deauville (Calvados), the red carpet was stepped on by director Oliver Stone. After his 1991 film dedicated to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the latter features a documentary that tries to prove that the CIA ordered his assassination.

Its massive silhouette immediately imposes itself. However, more than his appearance, it is his reputation that impresses. Oliver Stone is harsh, which keeps him from going around in circles in an America whose failures he has been denouncing for more than 30 years. At the festival in Deauville (Calvados), came to present his new documentary that plunges us, once again, into an investigation into the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1963. Released in 1991, his feature film dedicated to the case was controversial, he defended the thesis of a coup d’état involving the CIA.

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Thirty years later, he hasn’t changed his mind, based on several declassified documents. With 60,000 of them, Oliver Stone, for example, returns to the inconsistencies of the autopsy, the links between Oswald, the alleged killer, and the CIA. He questions the presence of a “magic bullet”, what would be the cause alone of seven wounds on the president and governor of Texas sitting across from him. A theory put forward by official research to rule out a second shooter. “I hope this documentary helps Kennedy, because her ghost hasn’t been avenged“slides Oliver Stone.

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