Cinema: “Black box” a thriller set against a background of an air crash

“Black box”, a thriller starring Pierre Niney, will be released in cinemas on Wednesday, September 8. After a crash, he plunges spectators into the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety.

In “Black Box”, which hits theaters on Wednesday September 8, Pierre Niney plays Pierre Vasseur, a sky investigator. He works at the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA). A brilliant engineer, he will have to lead an investigation after a crash. The director of the film worked hand in hand with the 55 BEA investigators and even filmed a crucial scene in their premises.

What struck me was the ceremonial surrounding the opening of the black boxes. there is something sacred”, Explains Yann Gozlan. An expert in acoustics, the hero is a meticulous man, obsessed to the extreme by his mission. Pierre Niney to scrutinize the work of BEA experts to reproduce their actions. “We find ourselves immersed in this profession where they sometimes even have their eyes closed”, Describes the actor.

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