The film “The Wolf and the Lion” was released Wednesday, October 13 in theaters. It brings together an unusual cast. In the wild, the two predators are unlikely to meet and get along, but in the film directed by Gilles de Maistre, they grow up side by side and become lifelong friends.

It is an unexpected encounter between a lion cub, a wolf cub and a young orphan ready to do anything to protect them. “The wolf and the lion” is a fable worthy of Jean de la Fontaine. It’s the story of two furballs raised together. There is no need to create CGI animals, friendship is very real.

This story, we owe it to Andrew’s work Simpson. He has already trained wolves for 150 films and TV series. But this time it was a bit special. “For the project to work, they had to get along well. But it’s something that you don’t force yourself to do. We just let them grow together naturally from a young age, and as they grew up they created a real relationship. “, explains the trainer. The relationship of the lion cub and the wolf pup evolved under the eye of the camera.