The Valencia he has to make a lot of changes to his squad for next season as he has to settle his accounts after not entering any European competition again. There is a lot of talk about players like Goncalo Guedes, Carlos Soler either Jose Luis Gayabut beyond these players, the team that must do everything possible to get rid of Jasper Cillesena man has been causing a black hole in the club since he arrived.

The ruinous operation that the Valencian team signed with FC Barcelona years ago made the Dutch goalkeeper cost about 13 million euros per season between transfer and salary amortization, a figure that there is no way to sustain any longer. Cillessen has one more year of contract with those from Mestalla, but the sports management must force his departure as soon as possible since it will greatly alleviate their wage bill and allow them to hire new players, since their presence in the locker room is a great economic hole with legs.

will not be the owner

Jasper Cillesen He has had a multitude of injuries since he arrived at Valencia and in one of these injuries, the club tried Giorgi Mamardashvili as a starter, a goalkeeper who has surprised both locals and strangers. Next year everything seems to indicate that the Georgian is going to be the starting goalkeeper for the team, so it makes more sense to get rid of the services of the Dutch goalkeeper since having him on the bench would be a nonsense for the club.


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