CIA chief explains what kind of country Russia will be after Ukraine war

The head of the CIA, William Burns, has revealed that Russia has already lost the Ukraine war on many levels. Around 315,000 Russian military personnel were killed and two-thirds of the tank fleet was destroyed or damaged. And all this without coming close to his “strategic goal of conquering Kiev and conquering Ukraine.” He expressed this in an article published in Foreign Affairs, in which he recognized that Moscow “has rebuilt its military-industrial production, but its economy has been severely damaged by the war,” said Burns, making it clear that this situation leads to this Putin’s Russia should “seal its fate of being and becoming a vassal of China.” a country completely dependent on Beijing on a commercial and technological level.

Burns claims Putin’s strategy is to continue attacking Ukraine and try to survive help from Western powers. According to the intelligence chief Ukraine could “dampen Putin’s arrogance through deeper attacks.” behind the front lines of the battlefield. It seems that the fear that existed in the US about escalation in the event of a Ukrainian attack on Russian territory has disappeared. “Putin could threaten nuclear power again and it would be foolish to completely rule out the risks of escalation. But it would be just as stupid to let them intimidate you unnecessarily.”

The key to Ukraine’s success, Burns writes, was to continue sending American aid, even though Republicans in Congress have now blocked it $60 billion aid package for Kiev In return, Biden called for tougher measures to stop the arrival of immigrants from Mexico. “It would be an own goal of historic proportions if the United States were to abandon the conflict at this crucial moment and end support for Ukraine.” Burns says that “maintaining the flow of arms will put Ukraine in a stronger position if the opportunity for serious negotiations arises.”

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Warning about the “explosive” situation in the Middle East

His view of the situation in the Middle East is clearly negative. He says that in the four decades he has worked closely in the region, he has never seen a situation “as explosive” as it is now. “Stopping the Israeli ground operation in Gaza, meeting the humanitarian needs of the suffering Palestinian civilian population, freeing the hostages, preventing the conflict from spreading to other fronts in the region and developing a viable approach for the day after is incredible. “Tough questions,” Burns writes.

The CIA official suspects that the greatest danger comes not from Gaza, but from Iran. Tehran supports the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah and the Houthis in Yemen. “Iran has been emboldened by the crisis and appears prepared to fight to its last regional representative.”, all while expanding its nuclear program and enabling Russian aggression.” In his opinion, “the key to Israel’s (and the region’s) security lies in dealing with Iran,” he says. “The United States is not the only one responsible for solving the problem.” Problems of the Middle East. But none of these can be managed or even resolved without active U.S. leadership,” Burns writes.

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