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Chus Mateo prevents a key signing for Real Madrid

One of the most promising basketball players in Italy, who also passed the NBA draft in 2022, had everything to return to the merengue quintet, where, by the way, he made his debut a few years ago. The coach stopped the operation.

For these days the Real madrid basketball has a tight schedule in terms of operations and signings, however Chu’s Mateo he takes care of stopping them. This happened in particular to one of Italy’s youngest, most talented and promising basketball players. In 2020, he made his senior debut at the age of 17 under Pablo Laso’s management.

He is currently 20 years old and continues to be a promising basketball player who has also been part of the Italy national under-16 and senior teams. We’re talking about 1.93 tall point guard Matteo Spagnolo, who played for Aquila Basket Trento in Serie A. But now he has changed teams and it’s not Real Madrid as Chus Mateo didn’t approve his transfer.

Chu's Mateo Real Madrid
Chus Mateo didn’t approve of Matteo Spagnolo’s signing as it meant sacrificing one of his untouchables.

Chus Mateo’s reasons not to host Matteo Spagnolo at Real Madrid

The current madridista coach knows firsthand the quality the Italian point guard brings to his every agile move. When the Transalpine made his debut in the Madrid squad, Chus Mateo was Laso’s right-hand man. His comments towards the young basketball player were always positive and he saw a bright future in him.

Because of this, everyone believed that the Madrid coach would welcome Spagnolo with open arms, but that wasn’t the case. The determination he has made is negative, but not because he doesn’t want to, but because he can’t. Approving the Italian point guard’s signing would mean dropping another basketball player who actually goes by his own name from his roster

Chus Mateo chooses Fabien Causeur over Spagnolo to include in Real Madrid 2023-24 squad

The Merengue sports management has informed the coaching staff that they would have to do without Fabien Causeur if they received the transalpine player again. This is because their records are very similar and there is no field in the salary mass to pay both salaries. That’s why the 54-year-old coach chose the Frenchman.

In recent years, the role the Frenchman has played in Chus Mateo’s tactical plan has been more than crucial. Despite knowing that Spagnolo would also bring strength and stability to his midfield, the coach prefers to stick with Causeur, who already has more regularity. In addition, the Italian has just signed with ALBA Berlin from the Bundesliga.

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