Chus Mateo: “A rival for the playoff? Reckless”

Chus Mateo, coach of Real Madrid, emphasized that They are not going to “relax and even less against Fenerbahce” even though the good results achieved so far have put the team in the top eight and, almost certainly, have a home field advantage in the playoffs. “So many games can be distracting, but each game is important, if only to try to improve. We have done many things well and we have also made mistakes, but we are not going to relax. It is the requirement of being Real Madrid”, said Chus Mateo.

“Fenerbahce is a team with a trade, with a good coach and decisive players with experience in the Euroleague, who are going to do their best to enter the top eight and also look for home field advantage. Although we won well in their field in the first round, it will not be an easy task”, continued the Madrid coach. For the match against the Turks there will be no change in the availability of players. “We haven’t recovered anyone and we’re still the same, although we hope that Sergio Llull and Nigel Williams-Goss will return as soon as possible. Llull is very important to us on and off the pitch”, he reported.

Facing possible rivals in the playoffs, the coach spoke about the small details that are being implemented. “This year’s Euroleague is being terribly tough, perhaps the toughest ever due to the great equality between all the teams. You cannot rule out any team and it would be imprudent of me to talk about any possible rival”Matthew observed. “The playoffs are the hardest moment of the season, because of what you risk and because you face a great rival every two days. You look at what you have done well and badly against them in the regular season and after each game you try to adjust things. Tactical work is important, but also mental”, he added. “After three weeks with three games, we have to keep fighting and fighting and even more so against Fenerbahce. We always go out to win, although sometimes we don’t get it”, concluded Chus Mateo.

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