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Chronicles of the sky. Belmondo and aviation

In August 1982, Jean-Paul Belmondo shot at La Ferté-Alais aerodrome with Jean Salis and Gérard Oury for the film “L’As des as”. (SALIS AVIATION)

France paid tribute this week to Jean-Paul Belmondo, who died at the age of 88. Jean-Paul Belmondo, the actor, the boxer, was also very interested in aviation. Many aerial stunts were filmed at La Ferté-Alais, in particular for The Ace of Aces.

About fifty kilometers south of Paris, on the Ferté-Alais aerodrome, the memory of Jean-Paul Belmondo is still very present. In 1982, Salis Aviation designed specifically for Ace of aces, the SE 5, a two-seater aircraft. In this film by Gérard Oury, Jean-Paul Belmondo plays Jo Cavalier, one of the most heroic pilots of the brand new aviation, during the Great War, converted into a boxing trainer. the film will attract more than five million spectators in the theaters.

A fan of stunts, Jean-Paul Belmondo will however leave the handle to a professional. In this case Jean Salis, who will shoot around thirty films with Bébel and stuntman Rémi Julienne.

In 2017, Jean-Paul Belmondo returned to La Ferté-Alais to find Jean Salis and his son Baptiste in particular. A moment of emotion, and a Bébel amazed at the most beautiful planes in this flying museum.

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