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Chromeo’s sophisticated funk shines with admirable production on his album Adult Contemporary

What you need to know:

Chromeo boasts admirable production on Adult Contemporary, an album that shines with a bright retro vibe.

Ten years separate us from Chromeo’s White Women, the album that catapulted them into the international mainstream “Jealous”a song we haven’t stopped listening to in 2014.

Since then, the electro funk duo hasn’t stopped and after releasing two albums of their own, two albums together and even a live album adult contemporary, before we visit our country again.

Chromeo's sophisticated funk shines with admirable production on his album Adult Contemporary
Photo: Chromeo

We only saw Chromeo at Corona Capital in November and we confirm for the umpteenth time that Canadians have a special relationship with Mexico, the audience indulges them every time they visit and the duo even gave away a DJ set at the festival’s Roller Disco.

Dave 1 and P Thugg I’m going to produce this new album with a few guests. For “Personal items”Invite Ryland Blackinton (Cobra Starship), in “Replacements” we hear each other Ely Jackson from La Roux in a dialogue about love and heartbreak that is phenomenal.

Brilliant retro funk with some surprises

The genre that Canadians play has proven to be efficient when it comes to making us dance, and that’s the truth Dave 1’s lyrics have a balance between melodic catchiness and phrases we can relate to.Yes, with a lot of truth about love and lack of love.

The album’s production is an ideal example of combining layers of sound and making them sound balanced. We hear little of P-Thugg’s very famous talk box on this album as support “(I Don’t Need) a New Girl” and “She Knows (Personal Items Part 2)”.

Chubby synthesizers, Solid bass lines and Dave’s smooth vocals are elements we’ve come to expect from Chromeo., but in this album they add new elements that enrich their sound and seem quite fresh. In “Ballad of the Sleepless” We have a pretty nice saxophone and the only thing we can complain about is that they stopped using it.

The innovation on this album is most evident in this “CODA”, a song that starts quite electronically and quicklyand talks about the codependency Dave has with someone in lyrics that make you laugh at the ridiculous things someone can do when they’re really into someone else. The delivery of the ground ball is also phenomenal and we would have liked them to take advantage of it more.

The choir of “Words With You” surprises with the addition of trumpets that reinforce the chorus and they play with the synthesizer line before a more reserved solo from Dave. This creates a pleasant funk that can ring in your ears for hours.

Chromeos are more sophisticated and less energetic in Adult Contemporary.

On their six studio albums Chromeo has shown a duality between a sophisticated funk and an elegant funk that doesn’t need to be sped up and songs that keep you moving, have more tempo and even flirt with house. Now they bring us 15 songs that confirm the title and they have achieved the elegance without increasing the beats per minute, which is sometimes to be expected.

Maybe this is the closest we can get to a real deal “Lost And Found” and “She Knows It (Personal Items Part 2)”which we would have liked as a longer song that wasn’t just an addition to it “Personal items”.

We never tire of admiring the production, which brings back the best of a seventies genre that today finds modern representatives committed to taking the genre everywhere.

The less sped-up songs are the ones that predominate on the album and similar songs “BTS” and “Cut Above” They simply slow down the tempo enough to create ballads that are very eighties-esque and take a trip back in time.

Chromeo is coming to the Pepsi Center WTC on June 21st to make us dance hard. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can’t miss them and buy your tickets here. To the start of adult contemporary, New clothes and a physical edition on a picture CD were raffled off among the Funklordz, which you can find here.

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