Chromecast with Google TV has a good offer on Amazon

For those who want to turn their television into a Smart TV, Chromecast with Google TV is one of the best gadgets to do so. It easily connects to any TV with an HDMI input and opens up a world of new possibilities for multimedia consumption.

In one of Amazon’s most recent campaigns, it is possible to buy this device at a cheaper price. In fact, don’t miss your chance to buy a copy of Chromecast with Google TV from just €35.

ChromecastGoogle TV

OS: Google TV

Resolution: High Definition

TV connection: hdmi

Personal assistant: google assistant

Chromecast with Google TV is one of the best gadgets for multimedia consumption

The cheaper version of Chromecast with Google TV supports video playback in HD resolution. This model can currently be found on Amazon Spain for just over €35.

If you are a more demanding user and want better image quality, you can always opt for the 4K version of the same product. This can be yours for just €60, which represents a 14% saving on the normal price of this gadget.

Chromecast 4K

OS: Google TV

Resolution: 4K

TV connection: hdmi

Personal assistant: google assistant

The version to buy will always depend on the television you have at home. If you have a TV with 4K resolution, then I advise you to buy that variant. However, if that is not the case, the HD version will be more than enough for you.

Once configured, you will have access to the Google TV platform with access to the entire current streaming universe. Regardless of your preferred platforms, you will find an app to download from the Play Store.

Your favorite shows and movies will be added to the home screen so you have all your content available in one place. You’ll be able to quickly choose what you want to watch without having to jump from one application to another.

On the remote control of Chromecast with Google TV you will find a button that will give you direct access to the Google Assistant. Through voice commands you can choose the content you want to see or even control your Smart Home devices with all the comfort.

If you have never bought anything on Amazon Spain, consult the with all the necessary information. I would like to inform you that all orders over €29 benefit from free shipping to Portugal.

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